Lake Michigan Day 6

July 11, 2010

Today was another fun and busy day for the teachers aboard the Lake Guardian. We all woke up early, but our drowsy state of mind was quickly cleared with Carl’s fabulous breakfast.

Then it was off to the Great Lakes Naval Memorial and Museum in Muskegon.

Along the walk to the museum there was limestone lining the side walk that was riddled with fossils, and so we stopped for a moment to observe.

At the museum Mark Gleason led us on a tour. Part of the team visited the submarine ‘Silversides’ while others visited the museum inside.

Parked outside the museum was a research vessel called the Laurentian. Dr. Hook explained to us that the Great Lakes are sometimes called the Laurentian Lakes because they are all connected to the St. Lawrence.

After the museum tour, the team visited NOAA’s Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab station (GLERL) where we leaded about the Green Boat initiative to make all the GLERL boats run on bio-diesel.

On the way back to the Lake Guardian the group came upon a fisherman who had just catch a goby. We all stopped for a few moments to observe the specimen.

Lunch back on the Lake Guardian was next on our itinerary and was followed by a field trip aboard the WG Jackson. This educational vessel allows students to take and analyze samples around the Great Lakes.

Aboard the Jackson the team was treated to the opportunity to try their hands at controlling an remotely operated vehicle (ROV). Everyone found the task to be fun but much more challenging than they anticipated.

The Jackson took the group to the Annis Water Resource Institute where we observed working research labs.

Richard Rediske also spoke to the group about human impacts on the Great Lakes over the years.

When the team returned to the Lake Guardian for the evening it was time for flag presentations. Each person took a turn describing their flag designs and what the design stood for. Everyone enjoyed the assignment and all the flags turned out wonderfully.

In the evening, and under the close supervision of the captain, everyone was given the chance to steer the ship for a few minutes. It was fun and a bit more challenging than expected. Captain’s superior parking ability was appreciated even more!

As our last night wore down groups finalized their projects, exchanged picture files and emails, and the working deck began to empty. It seems as though the week has just begun and just as fast it is coming to an end.

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