Lake Michigan Day 3: Thursday July 8th

July 9, 2010

Today started with the team separated into three smaller sampling groups. One group stayed up into the early morning hours to collect a Mysis (small shrimp) sample in the dark in addition to running a bongo net and a plankton sample. Isaac Cotrell thought that collecting during the night was a “very cool experience.”

While this group tried to catch up on some much needed sleep, a second group got up early this morning to run another set of samples, this one including the rosette, PONAR, and Secchi disk.

While this group began to sort through all of the data the rest of the team got up at the regular time and began the day lending a hand in the labs and working on their flags.

Later on our lead scientist, Dr. Tomas Hook, addressed the team about the survival of fish larva in the Great Lakes and made connections were possible between the reproductive strategies of Great Lakes and Ocean fishes.

Helen Domske followed that presentation with a talk on invasive species and their impact on Lake Michigan’s ecosystem.

After those presentations the team took a break for lunch then each member took a turn at the iron to put the Lake Guardian logo on their t-shirt.

Next the team moved to the sunny O2 deck to enjoy another group of 5 teachers presenting the lesson plans they selected from the COSEE Greatest of the Great Lakes disk.

Not long after the presentations finished we arrived in Traverse City, where our Captain’s parking deserved applause!

Mark Breederland, from Michigan Sea Grant, met the team and welcomed us with chocolate covered cherries…a delicacy of the region. We walked to the Great Lakes Maritime Academy, where we learned about unique college programming available in this area.

Chris Hedge was impressed by the new freshwater studies Associate Degree program and how it was created to fit the needs of today’s maritime careers. According to Chris, “there are so many students that are not interested in a 4-year degree, or who drop-out, that this program would be ideal for them.”

After the presentation we all returned to the ship where we all enjoyed yet another of the Lake Guardian’s famous dinners then started our night on the town in Traverse City!

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