Lake Michigan Day 2

July 7, 2010

Today started out with everyone dividing into our groups: A = Alewives, B = Bass and C= Cohoe.

At our first station the groups were assigned duties including PONAR, Rosette, and nets.

As soon as samples were collected, the groups moved to the labs and began to identify species and make use of water samples.

After the first station, the Lake Guardian came into Green Bay through the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal

Here we saw amazing wildlife including cormorants, pelicans, and even a bald eagle!

With the help of some American Courage,

and in the backdrop of Green Bay

teacher presentations took place on the O2 deck.

Later, everyone participated in the second station and began to collect data.

After another amazing dinner, the crew took more samples including the benthic sled while the teachers looked on and others spent more time in the lab.

In the evening, everyone relaxed as we viewed the “Mysteries of the Great Lakes” video and learned about the fight of sturgeon to stay alive despite human onslaught.

It was an early night for many this evening as it was announced that there will be another station at 1A.M. and our 4th at 6A.M. These are both optional but the excitement of participating in this data collection sent most to bed with plans to get up for the station!

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