Getting Ready to Set Off

June 28, 2010

It’s the end of June and emails are following with itineraries, time lines, and to do lists before the big day! Everyone is making plans to travel to the embarking point while checking their bags for their chosen form of motion sickness remedy! I am your blog leader and teacher mentor for this year’s Lake Guardian adventure and I can’t wait to get underway. My few words of advice for this leg of the trip: pack light! The rooms are tiny and shared with two other shipmates for the week. Don’t worry about bringing snacks since food is plentiful and delicious!! Don’t forget your t-shirt and assignment as well as a pair of shoes that are closed toe but can get wet and you are already half way packed!! You will be a part of this blog though out the week with comments, insights, and teachable moments you encounter along the way. I will be asking you for input of some sort on a daily basis, mostly things that will come from the journal that you will be keeping while you are on board, and pictures so don’t forget your cameras! See you on board :)

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