A Night -Time Reflection

July 28, 2009

Stars were amazing tonight. A cold breeze and calmness swept over everything. A light came on from the front of the ship keeping watch out on the water. As I came back in it was hard to go to bed. There is so much to do. So much to keep busy with; why waste time with sleep? I know I’ll feel differently in the morning.

The halls feel like a campus dorm. ‘Be quiet, everyone’s asleep!’ But you know it’s not true.working.JPG Many are up working on projects or studyingw6.JPG, but you stay quiet in the hall anyway.


These days are filled with lecture, lab, and dorm cafeteria meals that fill you up with meaningful conversation and plans for the future. This short visit back to college life is different from our last stay. This time we have no pressures of the outside world on our floating university. No sororities, dating woes, or parents calling. Just the opportunity to take in all that we can from each ‘class’ or ‘lab’.

We are grateful for the opportunity to be students again, a little wiser and a lot more willing. Thank you COSEE, EPA, NOAA, and everyone else involved with sharing the Lake Guardian and the talents of it’s staff with us on this odyssey for the love of learning. We cherish every step along the way.

w2 (2).JPG

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