2009 Lake Huron Shipboard and Shoreline Science Day1

July 25, 2009

The Lake GuardianIt was pouring rain as we lifted our luggage over the guardrail then climbed over ourselves to access the ship. But, it wasn’t long before the clouds parted and we had a good laugh playing Gumbi in our safety gear survival/lobster suits.Everybody plays Gumbi for safety!!! To finish off our safety training we learned about how to use the life boats. (Ohhh, The boat rocking right now sucks, thank God for the Sea Bands, ginger, patches, etc). safety first safety meeting

Four presentations filled the afternoon. Mary Bohling gave us information about coastal development and redevelopment in this region, Rose Ellison talked told us about water quality and coastal productivity (like fishing? come to Lake St. Clair!!), Patrick Livingston reviewed shipping, past and present, in this busy waterway, and Dave Schwab reviewed his fascinating water flow modeling that can forecast and hindcast.4 presenters of day 1 The weather was really interesting as it suddenly started raining while we all listened on the O2 deck. We were all applauded for staying for the remainder of the presentation despite the rain. Today we focused on the Huron to Erie corridor. The Canadian side contains a 100 + year old prairie that has not been touched (farm, development,etc) because it is owned by the Walpole nation!!

The open waters of Lake St. Clair looked a lot like the Florida Keys!

Lake St. Clair

We docked in Port Huron for the night next to a tallship!

Making dock in Port Huron

After a yummy dinner prepared by the wonderful cooks on board we worked a little bit on concept mapping and prepping for tomorrow. Here are a few quotes for the day from our team:

“The most intriguing things about today was how often the weather changed. It went from cold and rainy to hot and sticky to rainy again and then to hot and sticky.”

“Today I found out how much I have to learn about the Great Lakes. I also learned that the ship comes with a very talented kitchen staff. “

“I learned that Huron/Erie corridor is a straight not a “river” and has characteristics not like a lake or a river”

“Gumbi suits made a new fashion statement for us all”

“I don’t know if it’s the patch or the wrist bands but I’m not sea sick, Yeah”

“Oh, and man oh man those cooks can cook!”

“Whoa, information overload!”

passing by
Room for 3?
Working hard!

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