Dr. Donald Scavia

Principal Investigator, COSEE Great Lakes

In addition to being an avid kayaker, Dr. Donald Scavia is the Principal Investigator of COSEE Great Lakes. Scavia has provided the glue and secured funding for COSEE Great Lakes by:

  • Providing a science umbrella for education programs, an important issue for NSF,
  • Securing budgets with favorable indirect costs for sub-programs, and
  • Representing the program in lengthy negotiations for NOAA budgets.

Scavia is Professor and Associate Dean, School of Natural Resources & Environment at the University of Michigan, Director of Michigan Sea Grant and interim Director of the Cooperative Institute for Limnology and Ecosystems Research. As director for the Michigan Sea Grant College Program, Don is involved in leading the state-wide program in its research, education and outreach efforts on critical Great Lakes issues, such as aquatic invasive species, sustainable coastal development, fisheries, and other issues.

He brings both science and management to the COSEE Great Lakes ship, with a diverse research and publication background in Great Lakes and coastal ocean nutrient cycles, food web dynamics, and modeling, and research management. His own research serves as a model of how Great Lakes science relates to ocean sciences.

As Professor in the School of Natural Resources (SNRE) and Environment at the University of Michigan, Scavia leads efforts on campus to advance Great Lakes research and help apply this knowledge through Sea Grant’s network of extension agents in coastal communities. He also assists the school in facilitating collaborative Great Lakes research, education and outreach projects, and in leading interdisciplinary themes such as ecosystem management.

For his patience with the language of education, his tolerance of multiple budget drafts and “reply-all” email copies, and for leadership in the interdisciplinary sciences that float the COSEE boat, we owe a great deal to Don Scavia! Thanks, Captain!

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