COSEE Great Lakes RSS News Feeds

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an XML-based format for content distribution. COSEE Great Lakes currently offers one RSS feed for our press releases and one feed for our weblog. These feeds include headlines, summaries, and links back to for full articles. COSEE Great Lakes currenty uses RSS 2.0.

RSS is the standard format for distributing news feeds online. Most major news publications offer their content as RSS news feed, and the number is growing. Rather than having to visit and browse/search this website on a regular basis, a “newsreader” program on your computer is automatically updated with headlines as they are published. Since news feeds are standardized across the web, you can search, sort and browse content from countless websites simultaneously.

RSS News Readers

There are many good news readers available for free. If you use Microsoft Windows, you might want to try NewsDesk or SharpReader. Mac users should try NetNewsWire, or you can even view and bookmark feeds directly in your broswer if you use Safari. These are just a few options; there are many more readers available which may be better suited for your needs.