Paddle-to-the-Sea with Google Earth!

November 1, 2007

COSEE Great Lakes uses Paddle-to-the-Sea as its inspiration for linking the Great Lakes to the ocean, and as a schedule for our Lake Exploration Workshops [more about this on our About page]. We are excited to announce that Dr. David Hart, GIS specialist at the University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute, with assistance from his son, has developed an exciting new program that uses the travels of Paddle to link real-time Great Lakes data to Google Earth�s mapping application. Tracing the path of Paddle's journey to the sea, it includes themes, key words, and Web sites for each chapter of the book. Visit the program at Download the KMZ file here. To open the file you will need to download Google Earth, then do a FILE > OPEN and navigate to the Paddle kmz.

David and COSEE would like to invite teachers to develop standards-based activities using the data links in his program. The activities should be sent to with copy to . New data-rich material would be a great supplement to the existing hard-copy activities from Ohio Sea Grant. Learning from literature, the Internet, and the Lakes�all in one application! Thanks to our scientist colleague for this wonderful contribution to learning!