Shipping out: Webmaster Evan Heisler looks toward new horizons

August 2, 2007

Professors, parents and captains have more than a few things in common. We all try to apply the resources of our community to assure that the next generation has the best set of tools and opportunities. While we try to prepare our students, our children and our crew for heading out into the wide sea and becoming contributors and leaders themselves, we know that the bon voyage time will be bitter-sweet.

The time has come to wish bon voyage to the newest member of the COSEE Great Lakes crew. When webmaster Nick Zlonis left COSEE in March, he left behind an extremely capable and helpful student to assist with our web outreach. Evan Heisler, an undergraduate in graphic design at the University of Minnesota - Duluth, already knew the ropes and dived into the ship’s work with commitment. He has been responsible for bringing our new events into focus, putting the GOGL curriculum into view, and constructing the Scientists’ page that leads to resources for science outreach. Before he leaves in August, he’ll work with us to get our newsletter into true electronic form!

Like others of our fine crew and our own kids, it’s time to send Evan forward beyond the home port. He graduated this summer and is taking some time in autumn to explore the parts of the country where he may want to live and work. The Pacific Northwest may hold the design position he is seeking, but with the resilience and enthusiasm of youth he will sail forth until he finds the best place to dock. Evan has made a big impression in a short time. We wish him bon voyage for the rest of his journey.