Ship’s Log: COSEE date 2nd year, 2nd month

March 21, 2007

How critical it is to log our progress on the COSEE Great Lakes ship! Chronicling our voyage and reporting to the outside world is a big part of our presence, not only in our home region but also in the COSEE Network nationally. We post our progress, our plans, our participant information all on this web site, the creation of Nick Zlonis, webkeeper since before we even set sail.

One of the things the National Science Foundation could not see as they reviewed our proposal in 2005 was the array of expertise our webmaster would be bringing into the work of a Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence. Imagine the surprise of the COSEE Network when our web site went on line in full sail only two days after funding was announced! Thanks to Nick’s diligence, experience, and technology expertise, our site has become the model for other Centers as the network strives for a consistent professional look. More importantly for this crew, since the project staff for our program effort is scattered over nine states, we don’t have an office for people to visit. Instead, they visit to find out about us, and they find the very best of our efforts showcased in grand style.

Robert Frost, however, would remind us that “nothing gold can stay,” and Nick has now decided to leave Minnesota Sea Grant and COSEE for private consulting. This is a bittersweet moment for COSEE Great Lakes. We are proud of his career decision and the talents that led him to this point, but we will nevertheless miss his professional contributions and personal presence as part of our program. Nick left us with a well-trained student technician, Evan Heisler, to continue the quality of the web site. Evan is a senior majoring in Graphic Design at the University of Minnesota Duluth, and we are so grateful for his able assistance!

All the COSEE Great Lakes crew wishes Nick the very best with his next career steps. He surely deserves great opportunities and options for using his creativity and web expertise. We hope to get him to consult with us again as our program grows. Since our shaky launch, the nine COSEE Great Lakes project leaders have seen Nick Zlonis’ work as a source of great pride as well as our best program outreach. Thanks, Nick, for getting our ship off smoothly on its great voyage!