A Tribute to the Great Lakes

COSEE Great Lakes is privileged to offer to educators our music CD of songs contributed by three noted artists in the region. Pat Dailey, Alex Bevan and Lee Murdock graciously granted us royalty-free use of selected songs we consider useful in teaching and learning about the Great Lakes.

Our agreement for distribution is for educators only, and we can provide the CD at the cost of shipping and handling: $5 per disk, one copy per request on school letterhead. Make check payable to The Ohio State University. Order from Ohio Sea Grant, Attn COSEE CD, 1314 Kinnear Rd., Columbus, OH 43212.

Below is a list of the Tribute songs. We encourage all workshop participants to visit the web sites of the contributing artists and discover the range of music available on their commercial CDs: www.patdailey.com, www.alexbevan.com, www.leemurdock.com.

A Theme for Great Lakes Learning

  • Great Lakes Song

In the Presence of Great Waters

  • White Squall
  • Legend of the Lake
  • South Shore Serenade
  • Casting Your Cares to the Deep
  • Deep Blue Horizon
  • Cuyahoga Chant
  • All the Rivers Run

Sailing and Working on the Water

  • The Old Wooden Lyman
  • Needles & Pins
  • Long Ships Passing
  • Red Iron Ore
  • No Nets Will Be Found
  • The Cold Freshwater Trade

Fun with Aquatic Life

  • Carpe Diem
  • Land Shark
  • Mayfly Stew
  • Fred the Trout