COSEE Great Lakes Goals

With other COSEEs we share the goals of

  1. inspiring citizens to become more scientifically literate and environmentally responsible through standards-based science curricula and programs that bridge the ocean and freshwater sciences, and
  2. creating dynamic linkages between the education and research community.

COSEE Great Lakes will also add value to the National COSEE Network by

  1. adding critical freshwater components through the inclusion of the Great Lakes,
  2. improving ocean/Great Lakes sciences education throughout the Great Lakes region, home to 1/4 of our nation’s population, and
  3. involving regional Tribal educational institutions, teachers and students in enhancing ocean/Great Lakes science literacy.

COSEE Great Lakes Objectives

Our collaboration of educators, research scientists and informal institutions seeks to

  1. Facilitate collaboration between Great Lakes researchers and educators and students, Grades 4-10.
  2. Assist research scientists to gain better access to educational organizations and use appropriate pedagogy in relating the Great Lakes/ocean science story.
  3. Enhance teacher capabilities for accessing science information and delivering high quality educational programs in Great Lakes/ocean sciences.
  4. Integrate ocean and Great Lakes research into existing high quality science education materials.
  5. Make current research findings about the Great Lakes available to the public to encourage public science literacy and appreciation of water resources.
  6. Increase access to Great Lakes/ocean science information for underrepresented groups.
  7. Facilitate direct student connections to Great Lakes/ocean science experiences.
  8. Collaborate with existing COSEEs in uniquely synergistic ways.